Live Bid Capture: AuctionSync

One of the largest real estate auctioneers in the U.S. needed to keep pace with the digital discord reshaping the industry to ensure its future competitiveness.

AuctionSync technology provides real-time access to live auctions, enabling buyers to participate and compete for properties from anywhere.

One of the largest real estate auctioneers in the U.S., operates in an increasingly competitive and fast-moving market.

To ensure its future competitiveness, the company needed to keep pace with the digital discord reshaping the industry.


Our Approach

VezTek developers teamed up with the client’s in-house I.T department to create a Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) solution specifically designed for managing the foreclosure auction and sale process.

This innovative platform features a suite of digital tools that streamline and automate key aspects of the auction process, making it faster, easier, and more efficient for all parties involved. The AuctionSync platform is highly customizable and can be easily integrated with the client’s existing systems and processes, allowing for a seamless user experience. By working closely with the client’s I.T team, VezTek was able to deliver a tailor-made solution that meets the unique needs of the client and helps them achieve their business goals.

is revolutionizing the live auction industry with its digitization of foreclosure auctions, offering an effortless and productive way to collect, analyze, and share data that has never been available before.

Live Bid Capture: AuctionSync®

AuctionSync has revolutionized live auctions by digitizing the foreclosure auction process, providing an easy and efficient way to collect, analyze, and share previously unavailable bidding data.

Streamlining the registration process electronically not only saves time, but it also allows’s analytics team to gain valuable insights into bidding behavior and pricing trends. This information can be used to help sellers make more informed decisions, and can also be used to improve’s marketing efforts and better target potential buyers. It’s a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers alike.’s Remote Bid feature allows buyers to easily track and place bids on select foreclosure properties from any location, using the company’s mobile app. Powered by cutting-edge AuctionSync technology, this innovative system provides real-time access to live auctions, allowing buyers to participate and compete for properties from anywhere. With AuctionSync, asset-level data is captured and processed instantly, bidder registrations are automatically processed, bids are tracked accurately, and funds are validated quickly, providing a seamless and efficient experience for all parties involved.

Gathering live event data was once a distant possibility. Now it is essential in forging strong connections between buyers and sellers.

AuctionSync is the gateway to digitizing all foreclosure auctions, enabling users to auction from their fingertips – making it a seamless and convenient experience. AuctionSync enables auctioneers and personnel to stay informed of a property’s progress in real time during an auction. With the app on their tablet, they can easily monitor bids from attendees as it unfolds! Thanks to Remote Bid, buyers will be able to bid on properties in real time regardless of their location. They no longer have to endure the hassles of travel or worry about extreme weather conditions that can limit bidding options at auction venues – all while keeping social distance measures intact.

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