Why iPhone App Developers Should Create Windows Mobile Apps?

Microsoft’s secret to populating an unpopular Mobile platform:

Cash Incentives

Business Insider reports that Microsoft has been openly paying upfront for writing windows mobile apps. Word is that, some developers were offered as much as $100,000 to bring their apps to Windows Mobile.

A nice piece of reporting by Jenna Wortham and Nick Wingfield landed on the front page of the New York Times Business section, two days before the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900. While the Windows Phone global market share continues to be tiny (up to 2.6 percent in 2015) but it is making momentous gains in some areas.

Microsoft’s main dilemma is not absolute refusal by iOS developers, but it is about its platform which is simply not a priority of app developers. However developers always “go there where people are” but Microsoft’s weak position in mobile apps market is at the same time appears to be as a best opportunity for developers who want to be paid high for best idea apps.

When free phones and promises of prime real estate on the Windows Phone app store wasn’t enough to get reluctant developers to write software for the new device — the first fruit of a collaboration between Microsoft (MSFT) and Nokia (NOK) — Microsoft reportedly starting writing checks to cover some of the cost of development, which can run anywhere from $60,000 to $600,000.

Among the developers that, according to the Times, have been paid to write for the Windows Phone OS:

By the time the Lumia 900 is released, the Times reports, the Windows Phone app store will have more than 70,000 titles, including Netflix, YouTube, the Weather Channel, Amazon Kindle and Fruit Ninjas. Still missing: Pandora, Instagram and all the Zynga games.

“We are by no means satisfied with our catalog,” Casey McGee, senior marketing manager for Windows Phone, told the Times. “That’s something we can get better at, and do better at, every day.”

via How many iPhone app developers can Microsoft buy? – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech.

Windows Dev Center Benefits program provides access to many great offers & rewards to developers. It is also providing iOS & Android developers; free technical support and marketing services to help build and promote your app. Above all there design guidance team remain there from start to launch. Windows phone app development has offered multiple benefits to developer and users, if you have any question regarding window app development our experts love to hear from you.


Five Reasons Your Business Needs to Embrace Technology And Stay On Top Of Popular Trends

It’s nearly impossible to miss the increasingly growing industry of technology. Even though most of the world is riding the seemingly eternal wave of technology, there are businesses that haven’t embraced it fully. This is a dangerous approach for any business owner to take. Out of the countless others, consider these five reasons why your business must embrace technology and stay on top of popular trends.

Cutting Costs

While businesses hold the desire to solve a problem, the main motivator in the end is money. When profits increase, business owners and employees interpret this as a success. Besides increased profits, a great way to keep more money in the business is by cutting costs. Technology is one of the greatest conduits for cutting costs. There are so many systems in the marketplace that can automate many jobs at a fraction of the costs.

Flexibility & Mobility

Most people dread commuting to work in inclement weather. In order to make sure their safety, technology allows the flexibility for people to work from home. As long as there is an internet connection and a laptop, work can commence as usual, except from the comfort of a person’s home.


Additionally, as an employer, it is important to make sure the employees are sticking to their assignments when they work from home or the office. There are tons of tracking software systems to make sure employees get their work done and aren’t squandering company time and money. No matter what the company culture is, accountability will always be beneficial in ensuring the work gets completed in a timely fashion.


Companies who don’t embrace technology are often inconvenient to work with. Nowadays, many people are looking for convenience and cost-effectiveness. When it is difficult to work with a company, they can quickly become irrelevant. No company wants to be viewed as irrelevant. When it comes to technology, this might be one of the few times where it is important to keep up with the Jones’.

Vital For Success

Technology isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If technology isn’t a strong suite of anyone in the company, it is imperative to begin hiring people who have an educational background and/or experience with technology. Even hiring just one person with expertise can completely change the trajectory of the a business’ future. Someone with a NJIT online master’s in computer science can greatly benefit any business looking to keep up with tech trends.


Embracing technology might prove to be a challenge in the beginning. If it does, stay determined to grow with it and evolve. After all, involving technology into a company’s lifeblood will only make it stronger and better.




Tips for mobile app development

Developing even a plain and simple mobile application is a tough row to hoe. VezTek USA conducted a comprehensive research into the factors that can help add instant value in a mobile app for its users. Here are few tips for mobile app development projects to help you develop your first mobile application.

Go Deep in Testing

Mobile application testing is different as well as difficult. Therefore, like many other mobile app developers in Los Angeles, we too recommend mobile app testing to be made an integral part of your project plan. Create a test conditions check list for early bug finding and fixing. Testing a mobile app is bit new, but there are lots of mobile app testing tools available. Don’t under test you app. Run a proper quality check after achieving each milestone from the developers end.

User Experience

Motivating your users is the key to success. It matter more than your own enthusiasm towards your idea. Search for those motivational triggers that almost forced your user to shop with you. Build solid foundation to enhance your mobile app user experience. Convincing a random surfer for getting into a conversion via functionality is a growth tactic with proven track record. Think and note down those value added options you can offer for offline users of your app. Find out the problems you can solve even if your target user is not directly connected to internet. Think new and think ahead about all the possible functions your users love to have in offline mode. Almost half of Americans have smart phones so be very touchy about the app design and main navigation. App user experience should be simple enough for newbies for an effective navigation of a closed sale. Try to use minimum option on main grid so that it can’t confuse the new user of app. A ready manual about how to use your app must be approachable throughout all pages if doesn’t affect the main design layout. Don’t go for too many options. Pick one “Service” and try to stick with it on one small screen you have for your mobile app.

If we conclude whole conversation we can say that mobile app development is quite a task, particularly when you are new to development. Having an ideal situation throughout your application development process is a piece of good fortune. Mobile phone applications are and will remain popular in the foreseeable future. So If you have a breakthrough idea for a mobile app and you are confident that it can take your business to next level then you should adopt it. We have certified team of mobile app developers in Los Angeles & we love to talk with young entrepreneurs across the US. Let us know if you want expert consultation regarding your business app. Do leave comments regarding our blog post.


Five Apps that Are Aiming to Prevent Drunk Driving

While we often think of technology as something that contributes to collisions on the road, there are many new advancements that are helping to keep drivers safe. When it comes to drunk driving, technology is aiming to further decrease potentially fatal mistakes. With a host of apps either out or in production to deter drunks from getting behind the wheel, we may very well see a drop in drunk driving collisions and fatalities.


Funded by the state of Maryland and its police officials, ENDUI, or End DUI, is a toolkit designed to prevent drunk driving. Amongst features that include reporting drunk drivers, getting in touch with designated drivers, and calling a cab, the system can determine your blood alcohol level based on what you’ve had to drink through the course of the night. It is a free app that can be downloaded through Google Play and iTunes.


Yet another Google Play and iTunes app, Breathometer comes to us from the developer of the same name. It works by turning your phone into a breathalyzer to determine if you’re sober enough to drive in addition to giving you an estimate of how long it will take to get back to a BAC of zero. Other features include a way to contact a cab and nearby places to stay the night.


BACtrack by KHN Solutions is a Google Play and iTunes app available for download free of charge. Like Breathometer, its entire purpose is built around transforming your smartphone into a portable breathalyzer. Initially, that’s all it did, but subsequent patches have added push notifications and taxi support.

Last Call

Made by Avvo, Last Call is a free app only available through iTunes. To use, you simply enter in how much you’ve been drinking since the festivities started. It uses that to then calculate your blood alcohol level. Because Avvo is a legal company, there is even a tab that lists DUI lawyers in your area as a reminder that getting behind the wheel drunk is the last thing you want to do.


Another state project, R-U-Buzzed is a Colorado app partnered with local taxi services to minimize drinking and driving. Like Last Call, it calculates your BAC based on the timeline and drinks you have entered. If you’re anything but sober, it will inform you to call a cab. The app is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

Though the mobile apps can’t physically stop a drunk driver from getting behind the wheel, they provide helpful tools for prevention. Hopefully, we will see a drop in the number of drunk drivers, accidents, and fatalities as a result of these apps. The information for this article was provided by Rod Gregory, a DUI lawyer in Edmonton.  To discuss your app, against drunk driving, contact VezTek USA a mobile app development company in Los Angeles. Please leave your comments below, we love to hear from our valued readers.


How to get your mobile app funded

Global revenues from mobile apps exceeded to $30 billion this year that made mobile app development business more massive than ever. This potentially commercial & electrifying industry of designing, creating & marketing of mobile applications is getting attention of corporations, businesses & startups. Depending on the nature of app functions the cost of mobile app development varies from $4,000 to $150,000 and so on. So, how to take over the biggest challenge of getting enough funding for your killer mobile app idea? Here are some ways to fund your mobile application idea.

Social funding:

Your social circle must be your first avenue if you want trustworthy funding for your app. Apply for personal bank loans with a MVP or complete app documentation. Discuss your idea with your family & friends for personal funds. Post ads on local classified websites for a development or investment partner. Search on Google for joint venture companies that invest in apps. For instance, The App Fund by VezTek USA is designed to expand early stage investments into targeted US startups in the mobile and web technologies sector. The program accomplishes this goal by investing monetary and non monetary resources into high potential startups. As a tip don’t forget to get an NDA signed before disclosing your app idea or plans.

Crowd Funding Platforms:

There are quite a lot of new and exclusive ways to acquire capital. If you have technical skills and want to finance a part of your app, crowd funding platforms are the right place for you. Crowd funding companies might support your app idea & help raise capital to build your mobile app. With a disadvantage of having to unveil your plans you can get potential investors by using this source. It’s a plus if you already have a published app.


It’s really helpful for you if you are a U.S resident. According to their slogan they are the new way to fund a creative project. If you don’t want to give any ownership of your work to your investors you can use Kickstarter.


AppBackr is entirely different plat form as compared to KickStarter or any other funding market. Depending upon the funds needed for your app and its development stage you can get capital for you mobile app. Their payment structure is bit complex but it works well with iOS apps exclusively.


it’s pretty similar with kickstarter for many services. The main difference is that it allows you to choose two different funding methods; Flexible & Fixed funding. Like KickStarter you have 100% ownership of your app idea. By using flexible funding and perks to motivate people on indiegogo you can get desired funds for your mobile application development project.

We are sure that it will be easy to choose the group of better fit options for your app project. Get desired Funding may be the first milestone, but start thinking about the marketing strategy from day one. Getting commercial feedback as early as possible is without doubt about a crucial step in planning your mobile venture! As one of the experienced mobile app development companies in Los Angeles VezTek USA always strives to provide you with latest information about on mobile app development industry. Please contact us to discuss with an expert to the financing options might work for you.



Your mobile app can be time and money pit. Many businesses can get in bountiful profits, get new clients and acquire new opportunities by hoping on mobile app development bandwagon. If you are coming up with any old app idea or just want to throw an app to app stores then cash in not on for you. Without properly planning mobile app development processes with a basic sales & marketing plan a guaranteed failure awaits. Simply put, creating an app that offers real value for its users is not for faint-hearted.
As one of the most experienced team of mobile app developers in Los Angeles we always appreciate young entrepreneurs. This article will guide you on what to expect during app development process & some application features that are pitfalls best to avoid.
While we have millions of Smartphone users spending increasingly more time on playing games or booking tickets and shopping online via mobile apps, it’s wise to develop mobile apps that simplify the lives of their targeted users. Your investment will not pay off if you cannot provide a real value through your app. Knowing your target customer or user and right focus on solving a problem by your business app is the key to success. Here are some tips for mobile app development that you must keep in mind before starting your mobile app.

Focus on core Functionality

Write a concise document about your app’s core function. Try to solve a problem or something that can help your clients perform a task in less time. Think, think, and think before coding. It’s not the code it’s the logic that can drive thousands even millions of downloads of your app. Search for mobile app developers who have a proven track record of building mobile apps. Ask questions and define MVP (minimum viable product) to have the better understanding of opportunities and obscurities.

Pay Attention to App Design (UX / UI)

App design is crucial in providing a superior user experience; outline your app design areas. Consult with some professional designers and work on a prototype. Try to put all elements on the main grid with eye-catching spacing. Choose your theme color and make a hierarchy of all colors with the end users in mind. For instance, we learnt that apps for the aviation industry should features sky-blue and white colors since pilots eyes are in tuned to these colors. Identify common elements and index them. This will allow you to use them again and again. Always keep in mind that outdated also mean “Not in Trend” so follow the trends that are widely in use. Closely observe your competitors and clients. Try to dig out what your target audience really wants to see up front. Another tip is to keep the users busy with an eye catching animation during app loading. This eye catcher will help you reduce your app bounce rate because no one is wants to wait these days. Keep your users informed by displaying a loading icon for instance.

That was the first part of the article on the subject, hope you enjoyed it. We will shortly publish on this blog part two of these tips. If you are in the market to find mobile app developers from Los Angeles, please feel free to hit us for all kind of expert opinions regarding mobile app development and app marketing. Find the second here: tips for mobile app development PART 2


Five Types of Business Apps that Actually Pay Off

Almost everyone today has a smart phone or tablet. Most of your customers have them, as do your employees. You might think these devices are merely distractions. Some of your staff members likely play games or browse social media when they should be working. However, you can use tablets and smart phones as valuable tools for your business. You just need to know which apps to utilize.

Below, you’ll find a list of app types any business would find useful. Use these apps to boost productivity, improve relationships with customers, and keep better track of your company’s processes.

Communication Apps

Communication represents one of the most important aspects of a successful business today. You need the ability to communicate with your employees and teams on a constant basis, and communication apps allow you do to that. However, email might not move fast enough for your business. You need instant messenger of some kind, even if you just text your employees.

Customer-Relationship Management Apps

Communication apps keep you in touch with your employees. But you still need mobile tools that connect you to your customers. CRM (customer-relationship management) apps help you increase customer satisfaction because they give you fast access to customer data. You’ll know a person’s sales history when they come to you for assistance, and this information helps you tailor your services to each customer individually. Live chat app tools can also foster good communication between you and customers and give them the information they need in real-time.

Cloud Document Creation Apps

Even if you can communicate with your employees over text, you cannot use regular communication apps to illustrate concepts, graphs, and other complicated data. You’ll need document creation apps that allow you to share information over the cloud. Your employees won’t miss out on graphics or details if you have to send them a report.

To-Do List Apps

Sometimes you and your employees become so busy you lose track of all the tasks you have to finish in a day. But if you have a good list app of some kind that allows you to check off what you’ve accomplished, you won’t miss any of your duties.

Note/Memo Apps

You want to foster innovation in your business since new ideas can help you stand out from others in your industry when you bring something exciting to the table. But if your employees don’t have a way to record their great ideas, they can’t improve your business. Your employees also need a means of recording when they have problems as well. Otherwise they might not remember enough to help you eliminate those problems later.

Apps like those listed above turn your employees’ mobile devices into tools rather than distractions. Implement them at your company to see it become more productive than it has ever been.


What is Your Business Missing out on in App Marketing?

According to the Pew Research Center, 64 percent of Americans now own smartphones. Out of this number, close to 29 percent report using mobile apps on a daily basis to carry out everyday tasks like paying bills or shopping. With the number of mobile app subscribers predicted to top close to seven billion people worldwide by the end of 2016, it is safe to today’s business owners would be fools by not staking their claim in the mobile app market now. So the question is “What is Your Business Missing out on in App Marketing?” If you fail to seize this golden opportunity presented today, your business could be missing out on these lucrative benefits.

Increased Visibility for Your Business
Fewer people are buying newspapers, subscribing to magazines, or even reading email solicitations from up and coming businesses. New businesses today gain the most visibility among their targeted audiences when they launch mobile apps. Mobile apps help your business reach more people than ever and create the visibility you need to establish permanency in this unique, but competitive market. As more people review and use your app, you can expect your visibility to increase exponentially in a relatively short period of time.

Brand Recognition
Along with increasing your visibility, you also encourage brand recognition among your targeted audience with an app developed for your business. They will come to know and recognize your brands above others because they have access to your business at the touch of their fingertips. Customers will enjoy convenient shopping, account setup, bill paying services, and more if you make an app more accessible.

Direct Marketing Channel
A mobile app will open up a direct channel between you and your customers. They will be able to set up personalized accounts, see your inventory, view specials and sales, and communicate with you instantly with their smartphones. You avoid having to mail out fliers, send emails, or use other communication methods to reach your audience. It’s a streamlined approach to marketing and connecting with consumers daily.

Customer Loyalty
Anyonewill tell you loyalty is key to the backbone of your business revenue. Mobile apps foster customer loyalty to your company if they are developed and updated right. People who download apps often do so because they want their favorite companies to be available to them anytime, day or night. With a mobile app, you can gain the loyalty you need from your customers to sustain and grow your company. It might be wise to get more educated with an online bachelors of business administration so you can see the new marketing techniques being developed in the technological world. Apps and other programs are being refined all the time to increase customer loyalty and build businesses.

Mobile app marketing offers lucrative advantages. You can seize these opportunities today by creating a mobile app for your business. The key to success with them is regular upkeep and updates. Your app has to stay ahead of the game and be specific to you.



Tips for Giving Your App a Push on Social Media

Creating an app that goes viral is one of the highest achievements any app designer can get. A viral app is one internet users snatch up as quickly as possible. They talk about it on social media, encourage their friends to download it, and get it attention on and offline. Software and app developers in Utah realize having an app go viral is more powerful than any paid advertising could ever be. People won’t necessarily trust developers or the ads that clutter up their computer screen, but do trust their friends when they say a particular app is worth looking at. The following are some ways to make your app go viral on social media.

Make it Easy to Use
The best applications are so easy to use, the user does not notice the design. A good design will have a natural flow and be quickly accessed which allows users to immerse themselves in the experience, without being distracted by the mechanics of making the app work. A good app, especially if it is a game will get the user totally lost in it.
Your app must be obstacle free and allow users to sign into social media with one click, share the app with their friends on the very first screen, and prioritize the action that is on the screen. It should be simple for users to share information on multiple social media platforms, and post on multiple websites with just one touch. The simplicity of use will encourage more sharing.

Reward Users for Sharing
When we are rewarded for an action, we are likely to repeat it, and this trick is proven on everyone from dogs to little kids. Develop your app to giveusers a gift, be it additional storage space, points that can be used to buy expensive items within the app, or access to exclusive content in return for inviting others to use the app.
In addition to rewarding the user, reward the friend who accepts it. This creates a win-win situation where both the giver and the receiver are happy they have downloaded your app.

Be Upfront with Your Users
Protecting a person’s privacy and creating an app that goes viral are on two opposite ends of the development spectrum. Transparency is key. Your app should let users know what they are sharing, and it should let them control what they want to share, and what they do not want to share. Remind users that your app will not automatically post to their social media accounts, and that it will not pester their friends to download it. Provide secure and simple agreements that can be signed at the click of a button.

When an app goes viral, it takes on a life of its own. But like any life form, it needs to be continually fed if it is going to keep living. Give your users a reason to keep using it and keep that momentum going.



Finding Good mobile app development companies in Los Angeles

A tiny pool of experienced and reliable mobile app development companies in Los Angeles makes it next to impossible for a common web surfer to find a suitable app development company. Finding an app developer in Los Angeles with an ability and willingness to work on complex projects within the constraints of time and budget can be achieved by following these simple steps. After having served the mobile app development industry in LA for the last several years, here at VezTek USA we have identified some of the best practices that help ensure successful mobility projects.

The App Idea

Among all the questions that we receive, 6 out of 10 messages start with “I Have an Idea for a Killer App”. So, the first step is to think about what you want to develop. Working on refining your idea, even before searching for a mobile app developer, is important. Some areas that might need attention are,

  • App Description
  • Core Function of the App
  • How it will make money (monetization)
  • Type of App
  • Maximum budget

Due Diligence

After identifying the opportunities and strengths of your idea, do a quick research on internet. Several unrelated research studies indicate that companies with high search results on major search engines are not always as good for the quality or delivery of their service. We recommend short listing about five vendors after searching mobile app development companies in Los Angeles with different search terms. The next step is to search for online client reviews for these shortlisted companies, to see what does their former clients and the industry say about them. Try to review their previous work; look closely, or directly ask, for examples of similar projects if available.

The Engagement

The next step is to make the first contact with the short listed companies. An important distinction to be made in phase is between the transactional vendors and the ones looking to develop longer term relationships by providing top notch service. Cost, while is a crucial consideration, should never be the primary decisive criterion.
Once you have identified the best app development company in Los Angeles, the next step is to draw a comprehensive legal agreement encompassing ownership, price & Payment method, and future promotion and updating.
We hope the road map laid out in this article helps you find the best app development company in Los Angeles. Please feel free to ask questions or add in the comments sections any advice you might have for the fellow app inventors. If you believe you have an amazing app idea but don’t know where to begin, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.