Sales on the Go: Ideas to Make Your Small Business More Mobile

The widespread use of smartphones is only a recent phenomenon. Businesspeople before did not always use mobile apps, but your business is better off with them. Many people are mobile not only in the ways they work but how they spend their leisure time and it is important you make your own business more accessible this way. Here are a few ways you can appeal to the mobile side of your customer base.
Mobile Website
Having an average website is not good enough anymore. Nowadays, you need a mobile-friendly site that caters to people on the go. Anyone who uses a smartphone or tablet should have access to the internet. The screen on a smartphone is much smaller and less interactive than the one on a laptop and phone manufacturers are seeing this problem and making the screens bigger. Even if you have a large-screened phone, there are still many options you are restricted from doing.
This is why many businesses are creating mobile-friendly websites and apps. They are designing webpages with visual and video features that fit onto small screens. For your business to become more mobile, consider mobile phone customers and what they will need from your website.

Mobile Credit Card System
Every successful business needs a system to swipe credit cards. After cash, the most common way people pay is by using credit cards. When the business becomes mobile, you need a way to take this system on the road.
One option is to have a mobile credit card processor. This way, customers pay over their mobile phones and tablets. Another option is to use a mobile credit card reader that you can take anywhere. Check out options at Payment Solution Pros to see whole service systems that can keep your business on track without you doing much extra work.

Put Your Business in the Car or Truck
Many businesses take their products and services on the road. From pizza delivery, to beauty spas, more businesses are being operated out of large vans.
If you like the idea of traveling, and want to make business more convenient, invest in a mobile van. On the exterior, show your creative side by decorating the company’s name, logo and slogan. Soon after running the business, you will bring in profits that exceed the cost of gas.
Making your business more mobile is necessary in this competitive world. Today, all you have to do is look around to know about the latest consumer trends. More people are using smartphones than they did twenty years ago. Your best tactic is to increase the mobility of your business in order to increase its success.



Why Your Mobile Campaign isn't Gaining You New Customers

Mobile marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing strategies. It brings customers who are more ready and willing to purchase products to your virtual or physical store. The problem is, a mobile marketing campaign may fail to acquire the amount of customers you might like. Let’s examine some avoidable reasons for why your mobile marketing campaign may be bringing fewer customers than you first predicted.

You Lack Direct and Simple Calls to Action
The major advantage of mobile users is the fact that they are more willing to jump at a good opportunity. The more steps you make them go through to see that opportunity, the less likely they are to convert. If your calls to action aren’t straightforward, then consider making them more direct. Make only one other page link to jump to before purchasing, rather than four or five.

You Failed to Set Realistic Metrics

Success is something you have to measure. If you fail to set metrics besides “I want to see more customers”, then you will have an extremely difficult time measuring your success and improving upon your current campaigns.
The best way to create a metric for a new mobile marketing campaign is to take your current growth rate for mobile users. You can then measure it against the results of your campaigns, and then you can begin testing for the effects of changes to your campaigns.

Your QR Codes Aren’t Valuable
A QR code is something designed to expand the functionality of your mobile campaign. It enables mobile users to sign up for a promotion, to find more information on a product, or to do something else that would require a long list of steps.
If your QR codes aren’t providing value to your customers, then you may have located a point of failure within your mobile marketing campaign. See if pros like Compusmart Solutions can offer some advice or solutions to why you might be lagging in this area.

You Didn’t Focus on Word of Mouth
Social media and mobile marketing are two closely related fields. Word-of-mouth advertisements from your most satisfied customers on social media can enable your mobile marketing campaigns to achieve greater results than they would independently.
Consider integrating your mobile campaigns with your social media efforts. An app development company or web design company can help facilitate this, as they know how to enable customers to spread information about your products and company.

The most important thing to remember is that no mobile marketing campaign lasts forever. You must constantly retool and refocus your efforts to ensure you can maximize the return on your mobile campaigns.



5 Ways Mobile Apps Can Help Cosmetic Surgeons Grow Their Business

Technology is driving revolution in all spheres of life and healthcare field is no exception. Ubiquity of internet connected smartphones has been driving patients and healthcare providers alike to the web and mobile applications when searching for information on healthcare products and services.

Smartphones, tablets, mobile apps, RMD (remote monitoring devices), and cloud technology can rewrite the script of your healthcare marketing efforts and help achieve your revenue goals. These are few success stories of cosmetic surgeons who gainfully employed custom mobile applications to acquire scores of new patients.

  • The cosmetic surgery mobile app of Dr. Philip Miller (New York) was downloaded over 50,000 times from the Android store alone.
  • Hair Restoration & Plastic Surgery patients downloaded the mobile app of Dr. Jeffery Epstein (Florida) over 10,000 times.
  • Individuals interested in Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery produced an estimated 7,000 installs of an iPhone app by Dr. Paul Nassif (California).

The ongoing rapid growth of healthcare focused mobile applications has been observed by numerous well recognized market research, many of whom specialize in mobile health, and healthcare marketing. Cosmetic Surgery practices must bank on the latest in mobile apps technology to gain a competitive edge in their market place.

Why Cosmetic Surgeons Need A Mobile App?

Patient-facing mobile apps for cosmetic surgery practices serve two primary goals;

  • Generate new revenue by finding and acquiringfirst-time patients
  • Get repeat and referral business by staying connected with existing patients

These goals are achieved by providing value to potential or existing patients through timely and relevant information. Here are few examples of what patients might find useful,

  • Cosmetic Surgery Simulator that helps answer the common question, “How will I look after the surgery”. Users can manipulate their images to view likely change in their appearance after the procedure.
  • Before and after comparison photos
  • Surgeon profile, and brand message
  • Service information including how to contact, business hours, staff and location information
  • Cosmetic surgery tips, educational material, text and videos
  • Important checklists for before and after surgery
  • Procedure costs and projected recovery times.
  • Special Promotions

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Please continue reading to learn five of the many ways mobile apps can help cosmetic surgeons grow their businesses.

Enhance Brand Awareness:

Mobile apps are a great way to increase brand visibility in web searches. Cosmetic surgery practices can improve their brands’ visibility by employing techniques such as App Store Optimization (ASO) and be part of the 4 million downloads club (healthcare downloads).


High visibility is a factor governed by careful optimization techniques that are based on well researched search terms (or keywords). A well researched set of keywords and their variations can help marketers increase the odds for their mobile app reaching the top lists of Google Play and Apple App Stores. In addition, cosmetic surgeons can convey a perception of credibility and success through a compelling app design, download counts, and customer reviews for the application and the cosmetic surgeon.

A 360-Degree Marketing Plan:

Most healthcare practices already have a website, are running some email campaigns, and few of them also write blogs – a well designed healthcare mobile app not only fits well in this mix, but also tie these activities together. The beauty of mobile apps is that they can easily be integrated in existing marketing campaign and work wonders.


A mobile-integrated marketing plan helps boost healthcare marketing efforts two ways.

  • You can include, in all your email campaigns, the web links that lead to your app’s download page.
  • On the other hand, you can also provide users with the option to access your marketing content, blogs and product pages, directly on their smartphones using your mobile apps.

This method has been proven effective in getting users to frequently read brand defining newsletters, e-books, articles and case studies; that can result in converting curious app users into paying clients over time.

Help in List Building:

According to a recent survey of 1,000 businesses, email marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment) of any marketing channel. Surveyed companies attributed an average of 23% of total sales to this single channel, and these results are hardly isolated. The question then isn’t: “Should I build an email list?”, but rather: “How can I build my list as quickly as possible?” Cosmetic surgeons can employ a well designed mobile app for this purpose. Once you have the quality data on potential customers, you can easily and quickly get your brand message to your target audience. As they say, “marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed”.


So, how do healthcare mobile apps help in data collection?

Mobile apps can provide essential information about a subscriber and their usage pattern. Subscribers can be convinced through mobile surveys and inApp messaging to share their contact details and other relevant data to be used in future marketing campaigns.

Assist in Effective Targeting:


Assist in Effective Targeting

Hyper localized inApp marketing campaigns enable healthcare marketers narrowly target user-groups as needed. Cosmetic surgeons can use inApp messaging and calls to action to effectively target their intended audience and boost revenues. Features like these should be discussed with developers before hiring someone for iOS or android app development in Los Angeles.

Personalized Brand Messaging:

Effective personalization of a brand message is the key to success in modern healthcare marketing.

As noted earlier, mobile apps enable data-driven marketing and help personalize communication to ensure that marketing and brand message effectively address the preferences and needs of your customer persona (a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers).

Your app’s user interface, content, size, shape, and other elements are designed and crafted in the context of the needs, taste, and preferences of your target persona. Therefore, the likelihood of the success of a healthcare marketing campaign soars when potential customers receive marketing content that appears to have been specifically crafted for them.

“Before adding an app to their marketing mix, cosmetic surgery practices must ensure that the app fits well with their brand message and overall marketing strategy.” Says Sani Abdul-Jabbar, the managing director of VezTek USA, a healthcare mobile apps development and consulting agency in Los Angeles.

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Technology Tricks for Perking Up a Tired Company

Technology is changing rapidly. While business shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon and buy every new piece of technology that enters the market, there are some you should seriously consider. New technologies can breathe new life into a tired and lifeless company, making it more energetic and updated with the competition. Take a look at some of these and see if they can help to improve your image and overall daily operations.

Using Financial Management Software
Don’t stick with a bank rooted in the 18th century. Find one that works with your accounting software and makes your life easier. Monitor your inventory purchases, cash flow, your payroll, receivables, and your vendors using one comprehensive application. One outstanding way to save money is to use an online check stub creator like http://www.checkstubmaker.com/to create company branded checks on your own. You can cut out the middle man and save a ton of money when you know where to invest.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

This software is designed to give you more information about your customers. Untapped business opportunities are often just a phone call away, but you need the background information and data to make that call successful. Insights can inform you on the best sales and marketing practices, and it can help you find areas where you can improve your customer service and support.

Get in on the Cloud

Every business has heard about cloud technology, but hearing about it and implementing it, are two very different things. Cloud computing makes it possible to store your applications or non-essential data on an external server. This makes more room on your local computers to store information that’s needed immediately. It can even help with file sharing, virtual meetings, website hosting, and banking.

Get Better Teleconferencing
Invest in new technologies that allow you to take advantage of internet conferencing. This can include any combination of cameras and audio that are combined with online meeting spaces. Teleconferencing can build a better relationship between customers and your employees, which can help you acquire new business and get more done in the office. This could even help with remote operations making your business work better from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Marketing
Another great use of modern technology is the advent of mobile marketing. You’ve got a website, but why not bring your company to your customers? By creating a mobile app your customers can download to their smartphones, you’re bringing your business to them. If a customer downloads an app version of your website, they are more likely to visit you in the future.

Don’t settle for outdated technologies that only serve to make your business inefficient. Stay updated on the latest technologies, and make sure you provide your customers with a fresh and updated company culture.


Where to Fit Your Mobile into Your Business Plan

Mobile and cell technologies have become increasingly affordable, and businesses have started to include some in their business plans. Giving your employees the ability to stay in touch no matter where they are, can make your company more profitable and effective, and by including your customers through mobile apps, you can make for more sales and added advertising.

Company Branded Apps
Provide your customers with an app they can download and keep installed on their phone. With the app, they will always be just a single click away from contacting your company. Include the ability to connect with your customer service representatives using a built-in chat or messaging software already available on their phone. You can also provide instant business messaging services through your website for easier customer connections.

Use Personal Hotspots
Client meetings shouldn’t be limited to your office. With personal hotspot options available on your cell phone, you can take your presentations anywhere. Show prospective clients resources available online, and get real-time updates on how your company is doing using your mobile phone. Your mobile phone can keep your computer and tablet connected while traveling, and it can help you get more done.

Centralizing Your Data
Modern companies need to have access to constantly updated information at all times. With the ability to access your data anytime, all members of your company can keep updated on the latest company information. Whether you’re an agency that books time slots, or sells limited inventory from your warehouse, having a mobile phone can help ensure you get customers accurate information and bookings no matter where you are. You can leave the office in an instant if your company keep all the files and data available online in a secure central database.

Instant communication is a big plus of modern business that utilizes mobile technology. Businesses are moving to mobile mandatory platforms. If your business isn’t able to communicate using mobile methods, you’re going to find it edges out in favor of a business that does. Instant communication is essential for your business plan. Without it, you won’t be able to connect with your customers and vendors in an effective way.

Mobile Merchant Services
There are several companies that have made mobile billing a reality. You can now swipe customer’s cards without having to pay a hefty fee for a dedicated credit card processing machine. Simply plug in a card reader and start taking payments from your customers immediately.

There are several ways to build your business and make it mobile-friendly. Businesses who aren’t taking advantage of mobile technology need to find ways to start including it. Your customers expect you to be able to communicate virtually anywhere, and you’ll lose business by not being able to close your sale when it’s most convenient for your customer.



Evolving Mobile Apps development trends in 2015

Are you intrigued by the changing scenario in Mobile Apps development trends in 2015? As a thriving industry, mobile app development has evolved tremendously. Institutions and organizations who need to keep up with the trends in mobile apps can contact an innovative mobile application development in US for customized needs. The year 2014 saw the maturing of the mobile app market from tablets and smartphones to Internet of Things (IoT) to wearable devices with emphasized focus on mobile app marketing and app analytics. Now in 2015, we predict an awesome increase in mobile app marketing trends.

Rapid Mobile Development

The focus will be to cut short the development lifecycles and the timeframe that occurs between Ideation and the launch.

Mobile App Security

This has been a big challenge and mobile app security needs to have more focus and function.

Wearable Technology

The focus should now be more on wearable device applications for related industries and enterprises instead of smartphones.

Cloud Driven Apps

With the cloud storage, developers can now structure applications which will be accessible on various devices that have similar data, features and functions.

Beacon and Wi-Fi Based Services

The year 2015 will see adoption of Beacon and Location Based Wi-Fi Services by app developers and businesses which will build effective retails and render intelligent information at expected places as consumers pass by.

Internet of Things (IoT) Apps

With the Internet of Things (IoT) transforming into mature model while integration takes place on multiple connected devices, app developers will be inspired to direct focus on user experience on different types of devices.

M-commerce & Mobile Payments

It will be more common to use a mobile phone to buy or pay instead of the usual debit and credit cards or cash especially with Google wallet and Apple Pay. Mobile developers will build mobile apps which are capable of processing transactions.

The Growth of Enterprise Apps

The focus would be on bigger and better opportunities for app developers in managing and structuring applications in 2015 for the Enterprise market.

Big Data and App Analytics

Mobile app developers will channel energies on analytics and big data by including newer data collection techniques in apps for functionality and insights.

User Experience

As a critical factor, user experience will be a leading aspect in 2015 in technology. As wearable devices, tablets and smartphones are on the increase, user experience is vital and important.

App Marketing App Store Optimization

This is a major factor which will bring success for an app in 2015. The Beacon and Location based Wi-Fi services offer marketers more access to zero in on a target based user location and leverage apps with offers.

In-App Purchasing and Advertising

This will focus more on successful revenue as app developers are moving away from the paid download model.

Mobile Gaming

Game developers will be continuously monitoring and managing mobile gaming in 2015. This is because mobile gaming will be cloud driven with more demand on frequent updates.

The Impact of HTML 5

As technology increases and expands its horizons, discerning businesses will incorporate its benefits to design and build hybrid mobile apps which are capable of performing across multiple platforms. With the expected decrease in native apps, hybrid apps would increase based on HTML 5.

Smart Homes and Intelligent Cities and Offices

As IoT increases in popularity, real estate organizations, governments and location based Wi-Fi services would structure smart homes, intelligent cities and offices which can be managed and connected through smartphones. These solutions are dependent on mobile app developers who would help and support mobile experiences.

With technology crossing boundaries with increasing awareness, the best way for a successful mobile experience would be to acquire the resources of a reliable Mobile application development company in US.


Tips for New Mobile App Developers in Los Angeles

Among more than one million apps on different app stores, many applications trace their roots back to Los Angeles. That is no surprise considering the abundance of and opportunities for mobile app developers in Los Angeles. Scores of startups rush to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android, encompassing a range of ideas but lack of research and marketing budgets leave many developers with little to no success to show. Mobile app development in Los Angeles is not quit a saturated market with expert mobile app developers just yet – the keyword here is “expert”. Although, popularity of the search terms such as “how to develop your first apps” might be seen as in indication that a large number of young, aspiring app developers from Los Angeles are throwing their hats in the ring.
VezTek USA one of the expert mobile app development companies in Los Angeles – welcomes and encourages the new faces joining the community of local mobile app developers. Here are few pointers & tips for new mobile app developers in los angeles. These tips can help aspiring founders of mobile apps startups from start to end.

Platform selection:

iOS or Andriod! This is the first question in developing a mobile application. If your product strategy revolves around immediate ROI, iOS might be a better option as your first app. iOS developers tend to make more money than android developers as concluded by numerous industry surveys. iOS provides ease of use for developers as well as for the end users. Selection of mobile platform is critical. Once your first app shows promise, going for other platforms is the next step.

Checklist of NOT TO DO items:

From the start you should have a clear idea about what are the “NOT TO DO” items at any stage of your application development. Copy Content, Copy functionality, and beta version are generally not welcome by app stores. So, don’t get your app’s good name tainted, and pay close attention to submission guidelines of each app store before publishing your new app.

Development Issues:

Managing different display resolutions is an essential consideration: there is official guidelines available pertaining coding for a retina ready display. Try to find out what can and can’t be done on different app platforms regarding background multi tasking. Push notifications is one of the best gateways for users to interact with your applications. Notifications that are generated by the app running in the background can increase in sale & conversion. A firm grip over background can help in setting up push notifications for your app.

While official resources of different app stores help get developers started but that’s not enough. Try to build a personal network of local developers and arrange meet-ups. Personal help is critically important when you get stuck somewhere during development. Try to find expert developers in your area who can lend a hand. Also join online application development forums to keep in touch with experts at the time of need.

To conclude with a positive note, a larger number of mobile app development companies in Los Angeles have caused a demand surge for expert LA local mobile app developers . That translates into opportunities for mobile app developers at all career levels.
Still have questions! Or want to share expert tips with other developers? Tell us in the comments.


Business App Features That Would Boost Productivity

Want to enable your users to perform major sales tasks quickly? Do you want accurate and timely business information available anytime for your clients? Do you want to streamline your complex business processes?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, please read on!

A recent study conducted by a group of experienced mobile app developers in Los Angeles indicates that users are spending increasingly more time on their smart phones. These finding are consistent with a Gallup Survey that concluded about half of U.S. smartphone owners check their devices several times an hour or more frequently. Still many enterprise software developers fail to realize that today’s mobile app users do not keep on their devices apps that do not meet the user expectations of form and function. A large number of mobile apps had to be rewritten or even replaced in the last few years. Therefore, Meeting user expectations should be the at the core of a every mobile app development project.

In order to secure a decent ROI (return on investment), critically investigate your idea and develop a strategy from the get go. Review the existing workflow of your business and document it. Then, focus on the processes that can increase or accelerate revenue in the short run. This will allow you to convert your smartphone into a handy tool for increasing productivity by more efficiently completing day to day tasks.

Here are some features that can add extra value to business productivity:

Deal directly with customers:

Enable your app users to interact directly with your business through the app. For instance, customers may use the app to complete purchases without having to call your sales department. Facilitate inApp shopping through easy navigation. This will result in decreased shopping cart abandonment, and thus higher revenue.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Support:
Quick and easy to access support can win loyal clients. Allow your users to generate basic reports regarding their sale inquiries as well as history; and allow comparison shopping. A well tuned customer support system can readily support revenue growth for your business. A CRM app is also a good tool for cross and up selling when merged with a well defined sales funnel.

SCM (Supply chain management) integration with app:

Serve your clients faster by providing them direct contact into your current inventory information. An app with a properly integrated supply chain system enables your users to search through all the items with current inventory status. This systematic approach not only has a great impact on sales improvement; it will also increase your overall sale process efficiency.

Enterprise Resource Management:

Removing bottlenecks in business processes can win highly productive employees, and improve growth rate for your business. Allow your employees to make basic support requests and get feedback through a well designed ERM mobile app. Many common tasks such as vacation approvals, time off requests, requesting and publishing reports and tasks assignment can be performed on the go through a mobile application. This will improve the workforce productivity and take some burden off of your managers.

With over 500 mobility projects experience spanned over almost a decade, VezTek USA team has gained a unique understanding of how to acquire and retain mobile app users. If you are looking into mobilizing your business through a custom mobile app, consult with the top mobile app development company in Los Angeles.



Tips to Know for Fixing a Buggy Business App

Smartphone apps are one of the fastest growing industries since people all around the world are getting access to smart devices. A business with a well-functioning smartphone app can drastically increase both profits and brand recognition. Following some basic practices for creating and designing an app can help ensure that customers find your business app useful and relevant.

Focus on Quality

One of the biggest mistakes any company can make is to release a smartphone app with too many features. It’s best to focus on one feature at a time. If the app is too large or feature-rich, it’s going to be difficult to troubleshoot. Starbucks is a prime example of loading too much into an app too fast. Years ago when they first released their app, it was loaded with all sorts of features that weren’t needed. It slowed the app down, and made it hard for customers to use. The new app is streamlined, provides basic features, and has added the ability to order drinks for pickup. Concentrate on what your customers actually need, and don’t try to entertain them with extra features that will bog your app down.

Use Backend Data

Make sure to employ analytics, and keep abreast of user reviews and feedback for any app you launch. By monitoring this information, you can find out where drop-offs are occurring, and apply a fix to control the problem. As an added bonus, if you respond quickly to any bug reports, most app stores will reset feedback to indicate to customers that previous negative reviews referred to a previous version of the app. In some cases, it may be necessary to completely pull the app and start over. If this occurs, stay on top of things and notify customers that the app was pulled to provide a better user experience for them. Don’t just pull the app without notifying your customers. They may view a sudden disappearance of your app as a bigger, more insidious issue with your company’s viability.

Test Moving Parts

If your app uses GPS and relies upon it to function, you need to have a plan in place for users to keep using the app without the network. If you have a maps app, make it possible to download a map and store it to memory the user can still find their way. Test your app by giving it to people outside your company to try out. Use touch points to see how people use your app and find out how people are using the app to provide a better user experience. You should also find ways to reduce graphics and storage space that is needed for the device. Most devices only have around 16GB of data. If your app requires too much space, users will delete it to save room for their personal pictures, music, and video.

Use Web Technology

If your app does require a large amount of data, consider using web technology. Pull information from the cloud to make the experience more useful and relevant to users. According to NorthStar alarm reviews, their home security company uses cloud-based data to help protect their customers. If you do use web-based technologies, make sure to test it thoroughly with the default browser for each operating system.

Automated Testing

Hire a software tester to ensure any changes you make don’t affect the user experience. Automated mobile testing can help expedite the process of testing an app. The software goes through all the menus and options, and alerts designers to any bugs. While it’s no substitute for manual testing, it’s an option that can greatly reduce the time spent troubleshooting.

It’s important to think carefully about the design and features in your mobile app. By taking the time to anticipate customer needs and trim unneeded features, you can create a mobile app that exceeds the expectations of your customers.


4 Ways An App Can Help Your Business

It’s a common phrase these days that “there’s an app for everything.” When it comes to business strategies, there are good reasons why the saying is pretty much true. Mobile apps have transformed the ways in which we access information and perform basic tasks, and because of this they’ve become invaluable tools for businesses. But the fun part is, the emergence and growth of the app market happened so rapidly that many businesses are still catching up! So if you’re part of a company that’s considering developing an app, or you’re just curious about the idea, here are four of the main ways in which such a tool can help a business.

1. Marketing & Exposure

Building an app for your business immediately opens the door to almost limitless marketing and brand exposure. BiznessApps makes the interesting observation that even the presence of your name or logo on the cover of an app can serve to strengthen your brand. For example, someone with the Delta app downloaded on his or her phone sees the name and logo virtually every time the phone is used, and this will naturally have Delta in mind the next time he or she plans to fly. And really, this isn’t even the primary method of brand exposure that an app allows! The bigger benefit may simply be in allowing user activity on an app to be shared or streamed. Many apps strategically connect with various social networks so that every time a user undertakes an action on the app, his or her networks will see a notificati
on of that action!

2. Direct Line To Customers

Basically, this is the idea that your app can offer promotions and incentives to customers in a natural manner. Posting such offerings on an ordinary website means that the customers have to come to you to begin with. However, putting them in an app means that after just a single download of said app, a customer is more likely to engage with the various promotions it offers. Entrepreneur calls this simply “Customer engagement,” and uses the iFood Assistant by KRAFT app as a nice example. This app provides recipes using KRAFT ingredients, and in the process offers coupons and prepared shopping lists to users, thus incentivizing KRAFT purchases in a natural and constructive fashion.

3. Instant Use Of Products & Services

This benefit is difficult to overstate. To some extent, it walks hand in hand with the idea of offering a direct line to customers. However, think of it from the perspective of gaming or shopping companies. The Betfair company is one that’s made extensive use of app markets in this regard, providing essentially the same services one finds online, in app form. The concept is simple: a user may log onto the website to play bingo (and thus generate profits for the company) whenever he or she specifically feels like this activity. But with an app available at the touch of a screen, the games therein become more valuable and, usually, more frequently used. The games are played on a whim, as a solution to boredom or a method of fleeting entertainment. In this way, a business that involves direct customer purchases or deposits can benefit enormously simply by being readily available through an app.

4. Additional Revenue Streams

Finally, a company can also profit through the generation of entirely new revenue streams through an app. This goes beyond brand exposure bringing in more customers, or direct availability making the use of services more frequent, and actually gets at the idea of entirely new ways to profit. Naturally, one aspect of this idea is simply in placing a small fee on the app download. However, many businesses ultimately find that the best way to generate additional income is by allowing advertisements to be placed within the apps. As The Guardian wrote last year, some popular mobile games made upwards of $1 billion, and most are using this sort of profit plan.

Ultimately, most successful businesses operating today should have app platforms simply because we’ve reached the point where it’s expected. But when you consider these additional benefits, it’s clear that an app is an absolute necessity for businesses looking to maximize potential.